Data Science in Biology

Data science plays a vital role in advancing the fields of Ecology, Epidemiology, and Genomics. By employing sophisticated demographic and disease simulations, we can make accurate predictions about populations and their pathogens. Furthermore, the management, access, and analysis of vast amounts of data, including genomic data, necessitate robust programming and data science techniques.

Ecology with Data Science

At QSC, our team possesses extensive expertise in developing ecological models for populations, metapopulations, and metacommunities. These sophisticated analyses enable us to predict population sizes and movements based on various environmental conditions. Through our research, we contribute to the ecological data scientific literature with examples such as:

Epidemiology with Data Science

Using observed patterns from historical disease surveillance data, we employ data science techniques to predict future transmission patterns and conduct risk assessments. Our expertise in epidemiology contributes to the scientific literature with examples such as:

Genomics with Data Science

At QSC, our scientists leverage high-performance computing to study the genomes of wildlife and plants. This approach allows us to gain valuable insights into species evolution and develop effective population management strategies. Our contributions to the scientific literature in genomics include examples such as:

Work with QSC

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